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Want to build leadership and create stronger teams?

"Code Club Aotearoa is truly special. We work with coding charities around the world, but none have sparked an interest in our employees, supported their leadership growth, or been as strong of a partner as Code Club Aotearoa" – Mark Moravits, Verizon Connect

Code Club 4 Corporates provides organisations with a way to up-skill staff and meet the organisation’s social responsibility goals through being part of the mission of Code Club Aotearoa – to give every kiwi kid the chance to learn to code through our volunteer-led network of coding clubs.

What We Provide

An opportunity that cannot be supplied in-house: volunteering in the community. Specifically, staff are trained in Code Club Aotearoa’s well tested learning materials, and supported by our friendly staff to connect with teachers and clubs to volunteer.

Organisations will:

  • Meet social responsibility goals by giving back to the community
  • Support Code Club financially and through in-kind volunteering
  • Up-skill staff in ways that cannot be achieved in-house

Staff will:

  • Develop leadership, empathy and interpersonal skills essential to their job
  • Contribute to New Zealand society

Inspire the next generation of coding superstars with Code Club 4 Corporates. Code Club Aotearoa can help your team build relationships and connect with learners in your local community.

How it works

One of our team sits down with you to decide what your goals are when working with Code Club 4 Corporates. For instance, what skills do you want your staff to learn? What parts of your community do you want to work with? How much time can your staff contribute when volunteering? We tailor the package to your needs.

Code Club 4 Corporate engagements usually last over a school term or 10 weeks with staff volunteering in a community Code Club for one hour per week. We provide in-house training and on-going support for the duration of the project.


Costs are broken down based on staff numbers. For more information get in touch!

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