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We want to give every kiwi kid the opportunity to learn to code, no matter who or where they are.

How Code Club works



Register through our website to give one hour a week of their time to support tamarki learning to code



Leaders register their venue (usually a school or library) to provide space, wifi and equipment. When the club is approved it appears on our find a club page where parents can enrol their kids



100s of step-by-step instructions for coding projects in different programming languages available



Kids across Aotearoa collaborate with each other and learn the skills of tomorrow

Code Club projects & resources

Code Club Aotearoa offers free step-by-step guides developed by the Raspberry Pi foundation to help volunteers and leaders run the club. Children gain coding skills as they work through the projects each week. We also have downloadable certificates for different modules and plenty of fun competitions & events for clubs across the country!

  • Projects introduce key computer science concepts
  • Step by step instructions
  • Children create something different and original with each project
  • Challenge-based learning
  • Downloadable certificates for each module
  • Annual events and competitions
  • Volunteer recruitment flyers & promotional material

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Get Involved

There are plenty of ways you can support our mahi.


Learn new skills and inspire the next generation of superstar coders and digital innovators. You don’t need to be an expert either, just willing to learn some basic Scratch, Python and HTML alongside the young people in your club.

Code Club provides the project material which is accessible through our website. Clubs usually run for one hour a week during the school term and the club host will always be present at the venue to support you.

You can sign up as a solo volunteer or you can team up with friends and support the club together. Getting your organisation involved with volunteering at a code club is a great way to up-skill staff, build team relationships and meet social responsibility goals by giving back to the community.



Our Code Club projects and classroom-ready resources (for year 2 to year 8 tamariki) are aligned to the New Zealand Digital Technologies Curriculum.

Digital Technologies and Hangarau Matihiko help students see their potential as creators of technology, not just users; we want to introduce teachers to programming, help grow their confidence and encourage them to lead fun, engaging school-based code clubs. Our resources and learning materials familiarise teachers with computational thinking, which they can pass to students in the classroom or at a school code club.

Start a Club


Hosting a club at your library is an excellent way to get the tamariki in your communities coding and engaging with digital technologies! It’s also the perfect opportunity to put any tablets, desktop computers and 3D printers to use if you have them.

All you need to start a club is space in the library that’s safe for learning, access to wifi and one hour a week for the session. We can help with volunteer support and police vetting.

Librarians needn’t facilitate every session— volunteers usually take the lead here, however we recommend looking through our projects and giving them a go. You might find you’re able to run the initial sessions without any volunteer support!

Start a Club


Getting involved with Code Club is easy, you can enrol your child in a club through our website and the leader will be in touch about enrollment and your childs first session.

Many parents also find themselves wanting to volunteer at their childs club. Check out our Code Club projects and give them a go yourself!

We recommend all parents talk to their children about online safety before their first session. Head to Netsafe.org.nz for a wealth of information to help keep your child safe online. The Raspberry Pi foundation have plenty of safeguarding resources relevant to Code Club, including a 30 minute safeguarding e-learning module.

Any further questions? Check out the answers in our FAQ

Enrol a Child


Inspire the next generation of coding superstars by getting together with workmates and volunteering at a club once a week! Code Club Aotearoa helps teams to build better relationships while giving back to the local community.

Organisations are supported by our friendly staff to either connect with teachers and existing clubs or, if possible, set-up an after-school club in the work place.

Organisations will:

  • Meet social responsibility goals by giving back to the community
  • Support Code Club by committing to volunteering for a term
  • Develop leadership, empathy based and interpersonal skills essential to their jobs

Get involved


Across all activities that Code Club Aotearoa supports, we have a firm commitment to safeguarding. We believe we all have a responsibility to promote the welfare of children and young people and to keep them safe. The Raspberry Pi foundation have plenty of safeguarding resources relevant to both in person and online Code Club sessions, including a free 30 minute safeguarding e-learning module for volunteers and leaders.

Please see our working safely with children page for more info and Netsafe resources and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.


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