About Code Club Aotearoa

Code Club is a nationwide network of free volunteer-led coding clubs for kiwi kids

Who We Are

Code Club Aotearoa started from a small computer lab in Aranui, Christchurch in 2014.

A website was built to enable interested volunteers and club leaders to connect and start a Code Club. Now the fantastic Code Club team supports a nation-wide community of volunteers and clubs. Code Club Aotearoa is a part of the Code Club World movement that partners with The Raspberry Pi Foundation. This enables us to leverage a global network of high-quality learn-to-code resources.

Code Club Aotearoa is an initiative of Digital Future Aotearoa, a charitable trust registered on the New Zealand Charities Register. The registration number is CC51617. All of the funding we receive goes directly to our charitable purpose. You can view our financial accounts here.

Our Mission

To give every kiwi kid the opportunity to learn to code, no matter who or where they are.

Code Club helps volunteers and clubs find each other, and supplies coding projects for volunteers to teach at club sessions. We are helping Aotearoa New Zealand reach its digital potential by encouraging children to combine their imaginations with an understanding of programming, and to take their incredible inventions to the world. Diversity and inclusivity are core values of Code Club Aotearoa.

What Club Leaders Say

"The students use technology to solve real world problems in their communities."

"The children apply problem solving skills to their life outside the classroom. Computer science provides a truly universal skill set – no other subject teaches children how to approach, solve and action a solution like computer science."

"I see independence and collaboration between students regardless of age or gender. Playground behaviour has improved on the days Code Club is run."

"I have an child in my a class who suffers from autism. His mother has thanked me for the difference that Code Club has made to his life."

"I love seeing the enthusiasm of the children who go home and work all night creating code. They are 100% hooked. Some kids are so into coding that as soon as they get on their computer they tell their parents to leave!"

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