Code Club volunteers join a local club and help children aged 9-13 learn to make games, animations and websites using the Code Club resources.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteering for Code Club involves going along to the Code Club once a week to help run the club. Each club lasts for about an hour and is usually run from a school or library. Most volunteers join a club that is already running, so the Club Leader will let you know how you can best help the club.

Our volunteers give back to their community, get work and leadership experience, and make friends. Volunteering for Code Club is very rewarding!

What We Teach

As a volunteer you will help teach Code Club Projects. These include projects in Scratch, HTML/CSS, Python and Raspberry Pi.

If you feel unfamiliar with some of these technologies we recommend trying one of the projects yourself!


What are my responsibilities as volunteer?

As a Code Club volunteer we ask that you are able to commit at least one school term (10 weeks) before registering. While in the classroom, you will work with your volunteer team to prep lessons from the Code Club Curriculum and deliver it to the students once per week in hour long sessions.

Do I have to know how to code to volunteer?

In order to be a Code Club volunteer you do not need to be a coding genius! You do however need basic technical skills to be confident on a computer. If you feel unsure about your technical skills try out a Scratch project from the Code Club Curriculum and see how you do.

Who are Code Club students?

Code Club students are traditionally 9-13 years old. Very often students enter their first club with no prior coding experience so they will need to get started with the basics. However, Code Club students are from all varying levels of technical ability, ethnicity, gender and are all excited to learn to code!

Do I need to be police vetted?

Yes. Once you register your interest to volunteer you will be required to comply to NZ police vetting requirements. No volunteer may contact a club or come in contact with Code Club students before completing the necessary paperwork and receiving approval. This process comes at no cost to the volunteer.

When/Where do Code Clubs meet?

Code Clubs are often hosted at either a school or a public venue like a library. The club leader decides on the day of the week and time of day that the club meets. Many clubs meet after school, others meet during lunch while some clubs meet on Saturdays.

Is volunteering for Code Club fun and rewarding?

YES! Working with children to help them create new things is very rewarding.

How do I get started?

Register your volunteer interest by clicking the green button on this page. After completing the form a Code Club staff member will reach out to you within a few days to request a 1-to-1 phone call. After your police check clears you will be able to locate a Code Club near you and can contact club leaders directly to request to volunteer at their site. You may also choose to start you own club if you would like by signing up as a club host.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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