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1 March 2018

My Love of Coding

9-year-old Miles Wilson tells Code Club about how he got into coding.

My friend James introduced me to coding when he came over to my house for a play and he showed me Scratch which is a drag and drop program. I got to know Scratch and made heaps of games which was really fun. After I made 50+ games on Scratch I started making tutorials on my YouTube channel.

I like coding because you can make your own unique games instead of playing other peoples games. You don’t just make games, you can do much more! You can code robots, rockets, computers and much more. So learning to code games is preparing for my future - I could be coding robots when I’m older!

I think it is important to learn how to code because this is the way of the future. I think that writing in books with a pen, and making toys with your hands will be a thing of the past.

Coding should be taught in all primary schools, intermediate, high schools and universities because coding will be a big thing in the future. It also is inter-curricular as there can be maths and reading involved when you’re coding. You also have to take risks in your learning as a lot of coding is trial and error.

I don't know how to code in a lot of computer languages but here are my favorite ones that I code in: Python, rbx.lua which is how to code a game on roblox and HTML.

I have a coding tutor that teaches me Python - and I love seeing my coding tutor!

My goal in my future is to code my first game that goes on the app store or Windows PS4 or other types of app stores. Another goal is to make a lot of money doing it and the most important goal having fun doing it. My number one rule in coding is to have fun.

26 February 2018

Why join Code Club?

Sarah Barnett asks Code Club Aotearoa founder Michael Trengrove the big question: Why join Code Club?

Sarah: Why is it important to teach children how to code?

Michael: Our children need to learn to code if they want to take their place in the digital world. I’m not talking about the future, but right now. Our children need to learn how the internet works, how data is sent from A to B, how to read and write to an API, and how to protect themselves online. If they have the basics of coding, they’re going to feel a whole lot more comfortable interacting and creating these tools. Also, coding is insanely fun!

Michael Trengrove talking to Steven Moe about Code Club on the Seeds Podcast

Sarah: Most children already have after school activities – swimming, soccer, dance. Why should parents choose Code Club? What about parents who say, ‘But my kid doesn’t want to be a coder’?

Michael: It’s not only about supporting the next generation of coders or tech entrepreneurs. All children need coding skills to become digital citizens. And let’s face it, the world is increasingly digital. That’s why we’ve seen digital technologies introduced into the New Zealand school curriculum, in year one. It’s an urgent matter.

We aren't expecting or wanting all of our students to become software developers. Some will, but just having a basic understanding of computer science massively broadens their perspective and worldview. We don’t expect all students to become molecular biologists, but we teach them the basics of science! Learning to code will open up a whole new creative world for a child.

"All children need coding skills
to become digital citizens."

Sarah: How about teachers. How does Code Club help them?

Michael: Digital technologies has been introduced into the New Zealand school curriculum. All schools must provide the curriculum by 2020. I see Code Club Aotearoa as one way we can support teachers. Running a Code Club in their school not only helps the students, but it’s a great way to up-skill teachers. We also hold teacher training courses to help teachers get up to speed. We love teachers. They’re amazing.

Sarah: What long-term benefits does Code Club provide to Aotearoa New Zealand?

Michael: Giving children the opportunity to code will have a long term positive impact on New Zealand. If we want New Zealand to become a knowledge based economy, a hub for innovative ideas and world changing solutions then we need to start now. And not just the children who come from families with computers, or go to schools with technology suites. Every child deserves the right to learn to code.

We truly believe that Code Club Aotearoa is a nation building project. Scientist Sir Paul Callaghan famously said that just one hundred inspired entrepreneurs could double our nation's GDP. Imagine how that would change the social and economic landscape of New Zealand. Code Club Aotearoa are currently training 4000 primary school students a week with the skills to turn their world changing ideas into reality. That’s the goal: We want New Zealand children to do more than imagine the future – we want them to be able to build it.

Image: Chocoloate Frog Ltd.

5 February 2018

Shout Out to Greytown Primary School Code Club

A big shout out to the Greytown Primary School Code Club who have been going for just under and year.

They ended last year with some kids creating a game based on Mario Run. Leader Julian says, “We got them starting from a blank piece of paper, identifying what to design, and then moved to coding. Really amazing for 9-11 year olds. It's about the exploration and seeing what they can do.”

They club is also supported by volunteer Bryan, who started coding in Fortran/Portran in 1962!

18 January 2018

Meet Our New Team Members

We have big news! Our team has two new members, Volunteer Coordinators Kate Allan and Sarah Barnett.

Kate is based in Christchurch and has a background in education management. Sarah is based in Wellington and has a background in teaching, writing, and tech.

Both Kate and Sarah are thrilled to be working with Code Club Aotearoa and can't wait to start connecting with our wonderful volunteers and the wider coding community in New Zealand. Drop them a line!


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