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Code Club is a fun activity that will teach children how to make games animations and websites! Our projects have been written for children who are 9-13 years old, based on average literacy and numeracy levels

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Hasting a Code Club in your classroom or venue (such as library or community centre) is a fun, and engaging way to give back to your community. Code Clubs are always free of charge to the student and are lead by volunteers. In a Code Club children how to make video games, websites, and other exciting things! Our projects have been written for children who are 9-13 years old, based on average literacy and numeracy levels for this age group.

What are my responsibilities as a venue host?

A venue host must be able to provide adequate space and devices (computers needed, chromebooks work great!) for a club to meet once per week for an hour. Venue hosts are often quite involved with student and volunteer recruitment when getting started. After the club has been set up the venue host may choose to help teach the club. However, many venue hosts do not teach the course material and rely on volunteers for this role.


How does Code Club support me as a venue host?

Once registered as a venue (using the green button on this page) Code Club begins supporting your club by providing you a platform to meet volunteers and parents in your area. Registered clubs are invited to Code Club events which bring many schools and industry professionals together. Lastly, we are on hand whenever your club needs assistance. Get in touch at [email protected].

When/Where do Code Clubs meet?

Code Clubs are often hosted at either a school or a public venue like a library. The venue host decides on the day of the week and time of day that the club meets. Many clubs meet after school, others meet during lunch while some clubs meet on Saturdays.

Who are Code Club volunteers?

Code Club volunteers can be tech industry professionals, semi-technical parents or even older students keen to lend a helping hand. All Code Club volunteers are required to comply to NZ police vetting requirements before entering the classroom. Code Club vets each volunteer open registration.

Who are Code Club students?

Code Club students are traditionally 9-13 years old. Very often students enter their first club with no prior coding experience so they will need to get started with the basics. However, Code Club students are from all varying levels of technical ability, ethnicity, gender and are all excited to learn to code!

How do I get started?

After reviewing our Terms and Conditions, register your venue by clicking the green button on this page. After completing the form a Code Club staff member will reach out to you within a few days to request a 1-to-1 phone call. From there you can begin recruiting students and volunteers to your club and are ready to get started anytime of the year!

Please note: You are not allowed to charge for your club. Code Club is always free for children to attend :)

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